can you please tell me an easy way to identify if a mishrit vakya has
sangya aashrit upvakya
visheshan aashrit upvakya
kriya visheshan aashrit upvakya...
i am in class 10...CBSE board..

 (I) in snagya aashrit upvakya there is a use of (कि) in a sentences or in some sentences (कि) is hidden .
(ii) in visheshan aashrit upvakya  (जो , जहा , जिन्होंने ,जिसे ) are used..
(III) in kriya visesan aashrit upvakya ( जब -जब तब -तब , यदि - तो , ज्यो ही -त्यों ही, चुकी - इशलिये , ताकि ) are used......

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