can you pls. explain this chapter in brief and in english?

which chapter
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ok. There was a rich man named madhavas, he was very rich but he lived alone .He had everything .Once in his big garden a beautifu bird came she was very beautiful so madhavas said pls stay with me i live alone and i have no one to talk with ill give u everything ull need,a golden cage and pearls of stones hanging on it. Nice food to eat and more other stuff and this beautiful and huge garden will be yours. But the bird did not listen and she said its late my mom will be waiting i have to go.So after a long time the man said ok wait for 2 minutes and ill let you go.the bird said ok. He called his servant and gave him a sign so the servant bought a net to catch the bird but she ran away and when she reaeched her cagge she told her mom everything. I HOPE THIS HELPED YOU 
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