Can you tell me names of 7 types of different poems name and the poem
For example :1 ballad
2 haiku

Dear Student,

Different types of poems and their examples are as follows:

1. Sonnet - Leda and the Swan by William Butler Yeats
2. Limerick - There Was a Young Lady of Dorking by Edward Lear
3. Haiku - How Many Gallons by Issa
4. Narrative - The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe
5. Epic - The Odyssey by Homer
6. Free Verse - The Waste-Land by TS Eliot
7. Acrostic - Alexis  by Nicholas Gordon

Hope this information will clear your doubts about topic.
If you have any more doubts just ask here on the forum and our experts will try to help you out as soon as possible.




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Ballad and haiku
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Pls read the question properly and then answer it . its not a joke time .
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Epic,cinquains,free verse, acrostic,sonnets. Clear.
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