Can you tell more about dialogue based sentences?

Your query is not very clear to us. A dialogue is a literary composition in the form of a conversation between two people. 

Arina: What should I wear for tomorrow’s party?

Kareem: Wear a nice-looking suit.

Arina: A suit? Does anyone wear suit in a party? 

Kareem: Alright, then wear something comfortable.

If you are asking about something else, then kindly post your query again. 

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Dialogue Sentence Examples

  • Dialoguetandthe need to facilitate an effective dialog between humans and machines.
  • Dialoguerojectaims to promote evidence-based practice and dialog between researchers, practitioners, managers and service users.
  • Dialogueeto have a constructive dialog with Thameslink about these concerns.
  • Dialogueokmarkdialog box will appear, into which you can type any short name for the bookmark.
  • Dialogueow, The Prince will give a speech in Cairo on the importance of inter-faith dialog.
  • Dialogueean ongoing dialog with stakeholders about the future of the London rail network.
  • Dialogueinitiateddialog with a question ( v. 15 ).
  • Dialogueogbetween scientists and art historians will be created through five meetings.
  • Dialogueeto be able to host one session on the application of Socratic dialog, of which we will confirm details later.
  • DialoguereWind Consultation and stakeholder Dialog BWEA adopted the principles of stakeholder dialog before the first offshore wind farms were even mooted.
  • Dialogueldwelcome a dialog with the FSA about ways in which appropriate guidance could be given.
  • Dialoguemof this conference is to foster dialog about the nature and scope of the Scriblerian impulse.
  • Dialogueeaterswap idea worked well but the dread of death, a good base for character and meaningful dialog, was rarely felt.
  • Dialoguevideda fascinating insight into the artists ' work and an opportunity for stimulating dialog.
  • Dialoguelessof whether it was or it wasn't, people felt this was a two-way dialog.
  • Dialoguelcontinue the dialog, which was started at the exploratory meeting of 19 th February.
  • Dialogueean ongoing dialog with stakeholders about the future of the London rail network.
  • Dialogueouragea dialog with our constituents in real time.
  • Dialoguerengthof the individual characters combined with Stone's sharp and witty dialog propels the story along superbly.
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