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(a) From the given data, it is very clear that the highest solubility at 323 K is of Y and the lowest is for Z. 

Hence, the correct option is (ii).


According to the question,100 g of water at 290 K contain salt = 25 g200 g of water at 290 K contian salt = 25100 × 200 = 50 gMass of salt to be added to make the solution saturated again = 50 - 25 = 25 gHence, the correct option is (i).


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Answer the following questions from the table  

(a) Which salt has the highest and lowest solubility at 323 K? 

(I) X and Z (ii) Y and Z (iii) Z and T (iv) X and T 

(b) What mass of ‘T’ would be required to make saturated solution in  200 gm of water at 290 K ? 

(i) 25 gm ( ii) 55 gm (iii) 50 gm (iv) 60 gm 

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