causes and effects of drought condition in south india

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a. Drought refers to extreme shortage of water supply for a long period in an affected region.
b.  There are many reasons that can be attributed to the resulting drought in Southern part of India
c. Lack of adequate rainfall certainly is one of the reasons, as in India  mostly people are dependent on seasonal rainfall to meet their water needs
d. Further, increased population growth, putting pressure on the scarce water resources is also one of the causes
e. Excessive exploitation  and indiscriminate of water resources and  depletion of ground water sources also results in drought like situation
f. Further, lack of proper water management on part of the state machinery has also impacted water resources
g. Climate change and increased temperature in Southern part of the region has also resulted in Drought

Impact of drought:

a. It has led to extreme shortage of water
b. It also leads to famine , causing large scale deaths
c. It also results in shortage of food grains, impacts the overall economy
d. It leads to inflation causing severe hardship
e. It causes shortage of drinking water
f. Drought conditions largely impacts the rural communities, it compels farmers to commit suicides
g. States like Andhra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala worst hit.



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