causes of depletion of biodiversity

The most important causes for loss of biodiversity can be related to human beings ,as they have deeply caused many changes in the environments ,depleted territories , used many species for various reason such as fishing and hunting.

Main causes of loss of biodiversity are:

1:Change in planets climate  : As we all know that earth surface is overheating due to loss of green house effect that causes the change ,such as endangerment of species accustomed to living in cold region.


2:Pollution: The pollution has direct effect on the environment changing its composition in chemical and physical means which causes lot of shift in life of many animals and plants.


3: Habitat loss and alteration : Transfer of habitats such as many vegetable species transfer from one area to another causes loss of the natural habitat of that vegetable species along with loss of animal which depend on that vegetable species for its food needs.


4: Transferring of one species from one area to another/introduction of new genetically modified species : Transfer of species from one area to another for its domestic use and exploiting them for needs along with introduction  of many new genetically created species also have lead to loss of biodiversity. 


5: Over exploitation  : over exploitation of many species for purpose such as farming,hunting and fishing have lead to depletion in population of such species and pose serious threat towards extinction of such species.

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There are four majour causes for depletion of biodiversity,

  1. Habitat loss and fragmentation
  2. Over exploitation
  3. Invation of alien species
  4. Co-extinctions

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