CBSE 2013- 2014 IX .. ....8GOVCPS

  1. Find whether (0,3) is a solution of linear x-y+3=0
  2. If the length of the rectangle is decreased bt 3 unit and breadth increased by 4 unit .then the area will increase by 9units . Represent this situation as a linear equation in two variables
  3. ABCD is a parallellogram in which0and side AB is produced to point E as shown in the figure .Find (x+y)
  4. Two right circular cones have equal radii .If the slant height are in the ratio 4:3 ,then find the ratio of their curved surface area
  5. Construct 0
  6. In the given figure ,O is the centre of the circle passing through the points A,B,C and D and DC is produced to a point E .if 0 find
  7. PQRS is a trapezium with PQllRS .Diagonals PR and QS interrsect each other at Y Show that ar (triangle RYQ) = ar( SYP)
  8. A solid right circular cylinder has radius of 14cm and height of 8 cm .FInd its CSA and TSA
  9. Mean of 20 observation is 17 .If in the observations ,observation 40 is replaced by 12 .find the new mean.
  10. there are 13 girls and 15 boys in a line .If one boy is chosen at random .then find the probability that he is a boy
  11. find the point where line 2x + 3y = 6 meets x axis ...find the points where line 3x - 4y =9 meets x axis ....find the points where line 2x + 3y=6 and 3x -4y =9 meet each other
  12. At what point the line 3x-4y = 12 intersect x axis and y axis .also find the co ordinates of the point on this line when ,x=2 and x=6
  13. Contruct xyz whose base XY= 3cm .
  14. construct a triangle STU in which
  15. Draw lines PQ and RS intersecting at point K .Me asure a pair of Vertical Opp angle .bisect them Are the bisecting rays form a straight line
  16. AB and CD are 2 chords of a circle with centre O such that Ab =16 cm CD = 12cm and ABllCD if Op is perpendicular and if the distance between AB and O is 6cm ,find the radius of the circle and the distance of CD from centreO
  17. Two equal chords PQ and RS of a circle with centre O ,when produces meet at a point M prove QM=SM
  18. A solid piece of metal ,cuboidal in shape ,with dimension 24 cm 18cm and 4cm in recast into a cube .calculate the LSA of the cube
  19. IN a one day cricket match , Sachin played 40 balls and hit 12 sixes and Saurav played 30 balls and hit 9 four .find the probability that Sachin will hit a six in the next match and also find the probability that Saurav will not hit a four in the next ball
  20. The median of the following observation arranged in the ascending order is 24 : 14, 18 , x+2 ,x+4 , 30 .34 find the value of x and hence find the mean of the data
  21. the Taxi fare in a city is as follows For the 1km , the fare is Rs 10 and for the subsequent distance ,it is Rs 6 per km .taking the distance covered as x km and total fare as Rs y write the linear equation for this information and draw its graph also find the distance travelled if total fare is 70
  22. Draw the graph of the following equation on the same graph sheet ..x=1.y=1,x+y=4also find the area enclosed these lines
  23. A friendly cricket match is being organized between two teams .The proceeds of this match will be given for the aid to the charitable hospital for handicappped children .this field is circular with a ring of uniform width for spectatorsif O is the centre ofthe field and four poles are fixed at points A,B,C,D lyind in a straight line .Prove that AB= CD=1/2(AD-BC).which value is promoted through this question ?
  24. Draw a line segment AB=10.4 Find the 3/4 AB using ruler and compass
  25. APCQ and PBQD are parallelograms .show that if ADllBC then ABCD is a parallellogram = ar( PYQ)
  26. PQRS is a square and
  27. Water is flowing at the rate of 2.3 km per hour through a cylindrical pipe of radius 7cm into a rectangular tank of length 25mand 22m width .in 5 hrs how much is the rise of water in the tank
  28. A water tank is 528cm long and 42cm wide .it contains water to a depth of 18cm .Four identical spheres are placed in the tank and are fully submerged .If the water level rises by 7 cm .Calculate the radius of the spheres
  29. 12 identical spheres of the same size are made from melting a solid cylinder of 16cm diameter and 2cm hieght .find the diameter of each sphere

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