Cellular organization of the body is the defining feature of the life forms. Justify.

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A cell is the smallest unit that perform all life processes. All living organisms whether made up of one cell or more have some basic degree of organisation. Complex multicellular organism at the highest level the organism is made up of organ system, that carry out certain function in an organism. Cells work together in hierarchical manner group of cells make tissues, tissues make organs, organs make systems, systems when work in co-ordination form an individual. So at the fundamental level cell is the basic structure. 


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Living things have a level of complexity and organization. At its most fundamental level, a living thing is composed of one or more cells. These units, generally too small to be seen with the unaided eye, are organized into tissues. A tissue is a series of cells that accomplish a shared function. Tissues, in turn, form organs. A number of organs working together compose an organ system. An organism is a complex series of various organ systems. Thus cellular organization is the defining feature of multicellular organisms...............
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