CGST 9%& SGST 9%

CGST 9%& SGST 9% I Ans. Iota] t Net atnount paid {36,360.1 Q.2. Pass entries in the books of Devdhar & Bros. Odisha, ass transactions have been entered within the state, charging CGST and SGST eac± 2018 March 4 Purchased goods for e from Sunil Bros. 7 Goods returned to Sunil Bros. for e 20,000 10 Sold goods to Mehta & Co. for kea aid

Purchases A/c Dr. 500000
Input CGST A/c Dr. 45000
Input SGST A/c Dr. 45000
To Sunil Bros. A/c 590000

Sunil Bros. A/c Dr. 23600
To Purchases Return A/c 20000
To Input CGST A/c 1800
To Input SGST A/c 1800

Mehta & Co. A/ c Dr. 944000
To Sales A/c 800000
To Output GST A/c 72000
To Output GST A/c 72000
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