CH3COOAg+ C2H5Cl > A (organise)

Wrong statement about A is :
1) A is an ester
2) IUPAC name of 'A' is ethylethanoate
3) Functional group isomer of 'A' is butyric acid
4) All carbons in 'A" are sp2 hybridised

Statement 4 is wrong.
CH3COOAg + C2H5Cl  CH3COOC2H5                                                              A1. A is an ester as it has COO functional isomer2. IUPAC name is ethyl ethanoate3. Function isomer of esters are acid.So all these statements are correct.When single bonds are present the hybridisation is sp3.CH3-COO-CH2-CH3sp3       sp2      sp3      sp3
In COO, carbon is having C=O group, the hybridisation is sp‚Äč2

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