ch6,part2,the brobdingnag king's doubt reflects a different picture of the civilized world ,explain.-gulliver book

The questions posed by the king of Brobdingnag offers a different perspective on progress and development of civilization. Once Gulliver had finished his account, the king asks what methods were used to cultivate the minds and bodies of the young nobility, in what kind of business they commonly spent their first and teachable parts of their lives and what course was taken to supply that assembly when any noble family became extinct. He also inquires into the necessary qualifications for new lords, the sharing of knowledge that these lords had with the laws of the country and how they came by it. The arts practiced in electing those whom Gulliver had called commoners, who would qualify as a gentleman, how were the corrupt ministry punished, were just some instances of the multitude of questions posed by the king which shows that even a country like England which prided itself for being the most civilized at that time was far from the ideal picture of one. 

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