Change into indirect speech:

1). He said to his father, " I am sure of securing a first class in the examination".

2). The king said to the queen, " You are,indeed, beautiful."

3). "But", said I, " I don't wish to spend a night supperless among thoae mountains."

4). "Now", said the captain, "You are a spy should die".

5). "This is no dream, but this is prophecy," said Chandra.

6). He murmered," Gold diminishes in the using but wisdom increases with use."

7).The teacher said," Barking dogs do not bite."

8). The students said, "But, dogs do not know what we have that proverb."

9). The doctor said to the patient, " You are quite healthy now."

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1. He told his father that he was sure of securing a first class in the examination.
2. The king told the queen that she was indeed beautiful.
3. I protested that I did not wish to spend a night supperless among those mountains.
4. the sentence is incorrect
5. Chandra said that that was no dream, but a prophecy.

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