Change into Indirect Speech

1). She said to her husband,"Will you take me to a movie?"

2). The policeman said to the thief, "Where did you steal this purse?"

3). Macbeth said, "Is this a dagger that I see before me?"

4). The king said to the queen, "Why are you sad today?"

5). The teacher said to the boys, " Have you brought your textbooks?"

6). He said to her, " How many brothers do you have?"

1. She asked her husband if he would take her to a movie.
2. The policeman asked the thief where he stole that purse.
3. Macbeth asked if that was a dagger he saw before him.
4. The king asked the queen why she was sad that day.
5. The teacher asked the boys if they had brought their textbooks.
6. He asked her how many brothers she had.

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