Change into negative sentence

Change into negative sentence On the Wall. Stay up late. 'e Sentences • used to show :ntences me ! norning! Is Harish 3 you What a fast runner he is rhere is ho sense in doing 'hat. Oh, I wish 1 were young again . Has he finished his homenvork? . Kareena threw a delightful party. . How scary the jungle is HOW ran we conserve water? a vast range of 10. e: Change the following into negative sentences. l. open 2. Is he a doctor? It is a pretty 3. They are playing football. It is a great victcry. It is very 4. Coaway. It is a bright, sunny'" 5. Carima is intelligent. 6. Where ate you going? GO there, wili yo•l 7. The garden is open for all Will you pleasecyx±Z Will you d. This is our classroom, Wilt 9. Are the girls dancing? the following sentences : 10. Athana isa lazy girl.

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