Process for preparing soup-

  1. Take fresh tomatoes.
  2. wash and boil them till they are soft.
  3. run them in a mixer.
  4. add a table spoon of cornflour and salt according to taste.
  5. reboil the mixture.
  6. serve hot.

fresh tomatoes are taken . they are washed and boiled till soft and run in a mixer. then a tablespoon of cornflour and salt is added according to last the mixture is reboiled and served hot......

hope you lyk it regards...

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1. fresh tomatoes are taken

2. they are washed and boiled till they are soft

they are run in a mixer

a tablespoon of salt and corn flour are added acc. to taste

the mixture is reboiled

hp its correct...

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Hi all,
@Kirti, your friends Crazyharry and Riya have very well answered your query. Hope you got your answers.
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