Change into passive voice

Change into passive voice 15:49 ..ll Contact +919051. Yesterday, 23:14 the thing acted is to be rna& pronun:r• or When We do not care EXERCISE 61 the following sentences into the form. the 1. PrerTKhand thi novel. 4. S, 6. 8 9. 10. I bm»qht the bat"' nry invited c hr•. yester&y. Dry enm I the "o Pakistan to mn the nutch. The master appo.nted turn Who taught you such tocks as theg? &utus accused Caesal of arnbtm The boy cltmbng the cliff taught me to read Persian. expects better behav•our frorn a cok-ge student. They showed a video of 'Titanic'. You must endure what you canrwt cure. 28 29 30 31 32 33 34

Dear Student,
Following are the answers:

1. This novel was written by Premchand.
2. The brave are admired by us.
3. The baby was bought a doll (by me).
4. I am known to them.
5. I was invited to his house yesterday.
6. Bathing is enjoyed (by them).
7. The door was opened (by me),
8. The book was read long ago.
9. The match was expected to be own by Pakistan.
10. He was appointed as monitor by the master.
11. By whom were you taught such tricks as these? 
12. Caesar was accused of ambition by Brutus.
13. The cliff is being climbed by the boy.
14. I was taught to read Persian by him.
15. Better behaviour is expected from a college student.
16. A video of "Titanic" was shown (by them).
17. What cannot be cured must be endured.

Hope this helps.


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