Change reported speech of the following sentences-

  1. My mother said to me, "Where are you going?"
   2. I said to her, "Could I use your telephone?"
   3. The child said, "Mother, may I have this toy?"
   4. Swami said, "Father, how can I solve this sum?"
   5. The workers said to their employer, "Sir, for how many hours have we to work?"
   6. The lady said to the stranger, "Whom do you want?"
   7. The peon said to the principal, "Sir, should I ring the bell?"
   8. The patient said to the doctor, "Does smoking cause cancer?"
   9. I said to the stranger, "Who is there standing in the dark?
  10. The teacher said to the students, "Is there any one of you who does not love his country?"

  1. The teacher said,"Two and two make four."
  2. The saint said to his disciples,"Truth is ever green."
  3. The mother said to the child, "The earth revolves round the sun."
  4. The old man said, "I get up early in the morning."
  5. The teacher said to the students,"Panipat is known for three historical battles."
  6. Sunil said to Gurmail, "take one peg of whisky before going to bed."
  7. The mother said to the little black boy, "The sun rises in the east."
  8. The doctor said, "Cholera breaks out in the epidemic form after the rainy reason."
  9. The sage said, "Time keeps changing."
10. I said to the teacher, "Gurmukh and I have a walk daily on the canal bank."

  1. My friend said to me, "I could not wait for him any longer."
  2. I said to Harnam, "My brother returned from Delhi only yesterday."
  3. The lamb said to the wolf, "I was not even born last year."
  4. My mother said to me,"I did not go to the market."
  5. The teacher said to the children, "India became independent on 15th August, 1947."
  6. His father said to him,"Had you worked hard, you would have passed."
  7. Krishna said to Bishan, "At that time I was having my meals."
  8. You said, "Father, there was a great rush in the market when I went there."
  9. I said to you, "I could not help laughing at his foolish remarks."
  10. The gardener said, "Madam, I had been planting trees in the garden since morning."

Dear student,

1. My mother asked me where I was going.
   2. I asked her if I could use her telephone.
   3. The child asked his mother if he could have that toy.
   4. Swami asked his father how he could solve that sum.
   5. The workers asked their employer respectfully for how many hours they would have to work.
   6. The lady asked the stranger whom he wanted.
   7. The peon asked the principal if he should ring the bell.
   8. The patient asked the doctor if smoking caused cancer.
   9. I asked the stranger as to who was there standing in the dark.
  10. The teacher asked the students if there was any one of them who did not love his country.

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(2)9. I asked the stranger  that who is standing at the dark?
     10.The told to the students that is there anyone who dont like this country?
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9. I asked the stranger that who is standing in the dark ?
10. The teacher asked the students that is there anyone of you who does not love his country ?
Hope this helps!
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