Change the degree of comparison in the sentences without changing their meaning.

Dear Student,
  1. Taj Mahal is the grandest building in the world.
  2. Iron is the most useful metal.
  3. The younger sister is cleverer than the elder one.
  4. Cricket is more popular than most other games.
  5. No other democracy in the world is as large as India.
  6. Few cities in India are as beautiful as Chandigarh.
  7. Ankita is not more intelligent than her sister.
  8. Begging is not as good as starving.
  9. Shimla is cooler than Dehradun.
  10. Few cities in India are as busy as Delhi.
Kindly attempt the rest of the questions on your own. In case of doubt, do post them on the portal for meaningful help from us.

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