Change the degrees of comparison in these sentences without changing their meaning.

Dear Student.
  1. Taj Mahal is the grandest building in the world.
  2. Iron is most useful metal.
  3. The younger one is more clever than the elder sister.
  4. Cricket is more popular than other games.
  5. No other democracy in the world is as large as India's.
  6. Very few cities are as beautiful as Chandigarh in India.
  7. Ankita and her sister are equally intelligent.
  8. To beg is worse than to starve.
  9. Shimla is cooler than Dehradun.
  10. Very few cities are as busy as Delhi in India.
  11. Milk and Beans are equally nutritious.
  12. No other story book is as popular as the "Arabian Nights."
  13. Australia is the smallest continent in the world.
  14. Sheela works slower than Meena.
  15. Very few sights are as lovelier as sunset on the seashore.
  16. Rashi is more intelligent than Shipra.
  17. Jamai is the most industrious boy in the colony.
  18. Your house is nearer to school than mine.
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