Change the following assertive sentence into Interrogative ones beginning with the words in brackets:- 1) I work in Kolkata (where)

2)Rita is flying to mumbai next week (When)

3)We need some paper (how)

4)Twenty People were injured in the accident (how)

5)The police arrested the culprit (the correct form of do)

1)Where do you work?

2)When is Rita flying to Mumbai?

3)How much paper do we need?

4)How many people were injured in the accident?

5)what did the police do?

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1. where do you work?
2. when is rita is going to fly to mumbai?
3. how many papers do you need?
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I work in Kolkata
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Answers:- 1.Where do you work ? 2.When Rita is flying to Mumbai ? 3.How much paper do we need ? 4. How many people were injured in the accident ? 5. What did the police do?
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Where do you live
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