​​change the following assertive sentences into exclamatory senetences.
1. Sally is a fantastic dancer.
2. I enjoyed the picnic
3. This is a beautiful piece of art
4. You deserve to be congratulated.
5. It was wonderful to watch her perform on stage for the first time.
6. He is brilliant orator.
7. This musical composition is incredible
8. She has a wonderful personality.
9. Life during old age might be so monotomous for some.
10. Ramesh is very hardworking student.

Dear Student,
Given below is the answer to your question.
  1. What a fantastic dancer is Sally!
  2. How I enjoyed the picnic!
  3. What a beautiful piece of art is this!
  4. Oh, you deserve to be congratulated!
  5. How wonderful to watch her perform on stage for the first time!
  6. What a brilliant orator is he!
  7. What an incredible musical composition this is!
  8. What a wonderful personality she has!
  9. How monotonous life would be during old age for some!
  10. What a hardworking student Ramesh is!
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Thank you.  

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