Change the following sentences into passive.1.Children read comics.2.My mother teaches me every day.3.Police arrested the theif.4.She will wash the clothes.5.I have taken my dinner.6.The Indian P.M. has singed several treaties.7.She was removing the stain with a peice of cloth.

Dear student,

The answers are as follows:
  1. Comics are read by children.
  2. I am taught by my mother every day.
  3. The thief was arrested by the police.
  4. The clothes will be washed by her.
  5. The dinner was taken by me.
  6. Several treaties were signed by the Indian PM.
  7. The stain was being removed by her with a piece of cloth.

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1.Comics are rend by children. 2.I am taught by my mother everyday. 3.The thief was arrested by the police.
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