Change the narration of the following sentences. And also rewrite them. Try to use different verbs to increase the grace of these sentences. ( For example- requested, commanded, ordered , adviced)
1) The teacher said, " Listen to me , dear children"
2) My sister said , " Let us go to a movie."
3) I said to my mother, " Pardon me."
4) She said, " Oh dear! I have just missed my train."
5) She said, " May you succeed, my son!"
6) The notice said, "Do not feed the animals."
7) They said, " Long live the President!"
8) The tourist said, " Wow! What a fabulous monument the Taj Mahal is!"

Dear student,

1) The teacher told the children to listen to her.
2) My sister suggested to us to go for a movie.
3) I requested my mother to pardon me.
4) She exclaimed unhappily that she had just missed her train.
5) She blessed her son with success.
6) The notice instructed people not to feed the animals.
7) They proclaimed that the President would live long./They proclaimed long life for the President.
8) The tourist marvelled at how fabulous a monument the Taj Mahal was.


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