change the sentences given below into direct speech.

1.he asked her if she had gone through that book.

2.he told me that he had come to see Mr Bhandari who was not well that day.

3.the boy said that he wanted to be a pilot.

4.he proposed that they should not make haste as that might spoil their effort.

5.the old man advised his sons to stop quarreling among themselves over petty issues.

1. "Did you go through this book?" he said to her.

2."I came to see Mr Bhandari who is not well today", he said to me.

3."I want to be a pilot", said the boy.

4."We should not make haste as this might spoil our effort", he proposed.

5."Stop quarreling among yourselves over petty issues!" the old man said to his sons.

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