Change the voice of the following sentences( EACH SENTENCE HAS PASSIVE VOICE)-- 
1) We can borrow some money from the bank. 
2) Our party will form the next government. 
3) I should have known the facts of these case. 
4) The king used to drive this car himself. 
5) You have to finish this work today at any cost. 
6) The company couldn't finish the project on time. 
7) The judge ought not to have accepted the application. 
8) India will never violate the agreement. 
9) He should have not signed any blank cheques. 
10) Will you captain the team again? 
11) Should Ram alone pay the fine? 
12) Must they make so much noise? 
13) Ought we to make such tall claims? 
14) Will she have completed the work? 
15) Ought the people not to pay taxes on time? 
16) Should we not have released the movie last week?

Dear Student,
As such questions are meant to develop your skills in Active and Psssive, the first eight are being done for you. Try to do the rest on your own following the same procedure:

1) Some money can be borrowed by us from the bank.
2) The next government will be formed by our party.

3) The facts of this case should have been known by me.
4) This car used to be driven by the king himself.
5) This work has to be finished by you today at any cost.
6) The project couldn't be finished by the company on time.
7) The application ought not to have been accepted by the judge.
8) The agreement will never be violated by India.

Hope this information will clear your doubts about the topic.

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