Change the voices-
1) I have heard of him.
2) I partook of the feast.
3) She participated in the debate.
4) We should take pity of your health.
5) He will wait for me.
6) I had to send for the doctor.
7) We rejoice in that freedom.
8) He has complained against you.
9) The sparrows took no notice of the bread.
10) Do not quarrel with anybody.
11) Always be happy.
12) Never tell a lie.
13) Did he call you names?
14) Should I help you?
15) Will he be appointed?
16) Has your request been acceded?

Dear student,

1) He has been heard of by me.
2) The feast was partaken of by me.
3) The debate was participated in by her.
4) Your health should be taken pity of by us.
5) I will be waited for by him.
6) The doctor had to be sent for by me.
7) That freedom is rejoiced in by us.
8) You have been complained against by him.
9) The bread was taken no notice of by the sparrows.
10) Nobody should be quarrelled with.
11) Always be happy. (intransitive verb -no passive)
12) Let a lie never be told.
13) Were you called names by him?
14) Should you be helped by me?
15) Will they appoint him?
16) Have they acceded your request ?


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