change the voice

She wanted to take rest.

answer provided for it by meritnation expert isRest was wanted by her.but still I have doubt . I'm confused which of these answer is correct and which one is wrong please explain it in detail.

She wanted rest to be taken.


Rest was wanted by her


Rest was wanted to be taken.

Let us look at the sentence again for a better understanding of the concept:

In active voice the subject ( she) is the doer of the action and the object (rest) is the receiver of the action.

Active voice: She wanted to take rest.

Here, the main verb in the sentence is wanted. Therefore,as per the rules,  to convert the sentence into passive voice we will have to change wanted  to was + third form of want.So, the sentence in passive voice will be:

Passive voice: Rest was wanted by her.

[The the object (rest) becomes the doer of the action and the subject(she) becomes the recipient of the action.]

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