​​ change these sentence into direct speech
1.Rohit said to his mother,' I am going to goa on a business tri'.
2. Mr ROY said to me," your father and i went to the same school'.
3.ashima said to Rohan ,"finish your homework or we will not be allowed to watch the film.'
​4.Mr Singh shouted out to her neighbour,'ICannot hear you because theere is too much noise".

Dear student,

The answers are as follows:
  1. Rohit said to his mother that he was going to Goa on a business trip.
  2. Mr. Roy told me that my father and he had gone to the same school.
  3. Ashima told Rohan to finish his homework or he would not be allowed to watch the film.
  4. Mr. Singh shouted out to his neighbour that he could not not hear her because there was too much noise.

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