Change this sentence active to passive voice

1. A song is being sung by Varun.
2. A chocolate cake will be baked by Aunt Seema for my birthday.
3. The teachers appreciated the programme put up by the students.
4. Mother cancelled the trip at the last minute.
5. All the questions were answered by Navin correctly.
6. A new car will been bought by Bina by January.
7. Vikram and his friends gave a new home to the stray dog.
8. The chief guest was welcomed by the Chairman of the committee warmly.
9. Janet was advised by the Principal to study well and to not waste her time.
10. The fans are congratulating the winning captain.

2. The woman who was weeping bitterly was being consoled by the neighbours.
3. The injured patient will have been treated for five hours by the doctor at 6 p.m.
4. The plates were stacked neatly by me in the cupboard.

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