"chap:-aunt jenifier tiger"

what does this line mean :-
"they do not fear  the men beneath the tree they pace in sleek chivalric certainly "

Dear student,

In the given lines Aunt Jennifer is talking about the tigers which she has embroidered. Unlike Aunt Jennifer the tigers are fearsome and do not fear any man because they are wild and indomitable, creatures of the imagination where the husband's power cannot reach. The term 'chivalric certainty' refers to the courage that the tigers possess which was lacking in Aunt Jennifer herself. There is a certitude about the courage the tigers possess which Aunt Jennifer, oppressed by her husband and marriage, does not because she has become used to a life of repressed silence and docility.


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it's mean the tigers who are made by aunt were not have any type of fear as aunt (fear from his husband ),they will move freely everywhere
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