CHAPTER- Govt. Budget
Meaning of income from sale of spectrum like 2G and 3G

The income from sale of spectrum is considered to be one of the non-tax receipts. This means the government receipts that it receives other than levying taxes. Look, there are mainly two ways of receipts- first by levying taxes (direct or indirect taxes) and second by alternatives other than taxes. The latter is regarded as non-tax receipts. In the question, sale of spectrum basically means auction of spectrum (say for telecommunication) received from satellites. These 2G and 3G (now, we have 4G as well), these are different bands of data transmitting that we use on our mobiles and tablets.

I believe, you must have heard about the corruption case in which A.Raja was held accused for a scam of 1.76 lakh crore. This scam is related to sale of spectrum.

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