Chapter: No men are foreign
Remember they have eyes like ours that wake or sleep, and strength that can be won by love .In every land is common life that all can recognise and understand.

1a) who r 'they' in the stanza
b) According to the poem how can we win all
2a) sec last line what these words significant
b) which things all can recognise and understand.
3) what does the poet ask to remember in the first stanza of the poem .

'We are hold to hate our brothers'
How does it affects us
How do all human being lives and suffer the same.

Dear student,

1a) ‘They’ refers to those people who belong to other countries.
  b) We can win everyone through love.

2a) Poet says that in every country, one thing is common that is life. We should understand their feelings and realize that they are like us.
  b) Poet says if we can recognize them (life of others living in other countries) and if we can understand their feelings, then there will be no fights or wars between us.

3) The poet asks the reader to remember that the people of another country, whom we think to be our enemies, have been bestowed by God with a similar appearance as us. 

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