Chapter silk road

Chapter silk road drill _ came a grmvlng an the With i perfectly verrlcdl arid almost the he s. a frightful Lrraking crest. roar i O a of wave _ and for moment I we m t Bur then a explosion shook the and while water broke over the ship. my the wheel and was aware of flying overboard and the acreplrd my approachin4 death. losing ronsclousness. I peaceful. my head v"öped A fe near her mast: a wave bawled her upright, my lifeli: W. I grabbed the rails and sailed through' Silbsequeni waves tossed deck like rag doll AMY leit ribs cracked; my th and broken terih. Somehow. I tound the WI 'he slern for the nexi wave and hung on _ Water, Warri. Everywhere. I could feel that the ship low, bol dared abandon the Wheel to investigate.

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