Chapter- the seven ages

What are the different stages given in the poem and how is man presented in them?

Infancy- The child that is mewling and puking in the nurse's arms.
School going boy- The boy creeps like a snail, unwillingly to school.
Lover- Here comes the stage of infatuation, the lover weeping in the memory of his beloved.
Soldier- The man who can risk even his life for that temporary fame.
Judge- The stage where a man prospers. He has everything what he aspires for.
Old age- When a person has a pouch hanging on his side wearing his loose clothes, busy with books on his bed.
Selenity- There comes an age, when a man is without anything. Simply wishing to die.

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Seven ages are 1.Infant-a newborn child who has entered in the world and crying in nurse's arm. boy- a child who don't want to school and thus walking very slowly. 3.lover- age in which person is writing poems describing his lover eyes and hair. 4.soldier- age in which person is doing duty responsibly to earn money. 5.jugde- age in which a person is sitting and taking judgement. 6.old-age in which a person become weak and without much teeth left and act as a child who needs care and love. 7.very old- last age in which a person left the world behind and go away from everyone.
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