character sketch for mother's day

Dear student, the summary, detailed question answers and character sketches are provided on the Meritnation website. Please refer to the same and get back to us in case of any doubt.
To get you started, given below is the comparison of two characters from the play:

Mrs Pearson is the submissive and docile protagonist of the play. She is neglected by her family and treated as a slave. Living her life in servitude, she has forgotten her individuality and the respect that she deserves in her family. She lives for her family and has forgotten that she has a life of her own.

Mrs Fitzgerald is Pearson's neighbour and is a foil to Mrs Pearson. She is a bold, dominating woman who lives life on her own terms. She talks aggressively with the Pearson family while acting as Mrs. Pearson. She is 'older, heavier and has a strong sinister personality'.

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