Character sketch of Albert Dussel?

Albert Dussel’s character was based on Fritz Pfeffer in real life, he had been chosen from a circle of acquaintances as a single person who could blend in well with the extended family in hiding. He was a dentist who lived together with a Christian lady by the name of Charlotte to whom he used to write letters. He had been known to be quiet, refined and nice as an acquaintance but turned out to be mean, selfish and extremely narcissistic as he began living in the annex.

Dusselrevealed his true nature as a petty man who was a tattletale, always being cranky and cantankerous,hoarding food and being generally selfish and sullen. Although he was reported to have been friendly with children, his behavior with Anne tells us otherwise.  He was quite lax with observing the rules of the house and it was evident that he was used to setting down his own rules. Dussel would occupy the toilet at odd hours or monopolize the study table, being unmindful of the needs of other people. When he was not engaged in his studies, Dussel would open his dental clinic in the annex.

Lack of displaying respect towards others, a high-handed manner, obnoxious behaviour and self-centeredness characterized Alfred Dussel making him into an unwelcome presence in the household.

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