Character sketch of Elli Vossen?

Elli Vossen wasgiven the pseudonym of Bep Voskuijl in the book. She was one of the two secretaries working in the building who found Anne's diaries. She was a twenty-three year old typist whose father Mr Voskuijl who worked in the warehouse. Ellie used to work in the big front office along with Miep Gies and Mr Kleiman.

Ellie feared for her boyfriend who had been sent to Germany to whom she eventually got engaged. She did not love him but factors like securing a comfortable future considering the fact that her father was terminally ill and she was the oldest unmarried daughter among four girls tipped the scales in favour of Bertus who just a labourer.

Anne thought of her as a kind, considerate and helpful girl who worked selflessly and tirelessly for the members of the annex. Ellie’s sense of desperation, loneliness and her penurious state were driving factors in accepting a man much lower than her in accomplishments to be her partner. However, she was always cheerful around the girls, the girls had fun when she stayed over because she was closer to them in age and made them forget about present dangers.

She was thoughtful of the girls’ welfare, signing them up for correspondence courses in her name and supplying them with reading material.

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