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Ernest was sincere as a child, and became a hard-working, simple hearted, kind, benevolent and a thoughtful man. He did not go with the crowd and was not like other people in the area. He had a great love for the Great Stone Face and was in search of someone who could resemble the stone face. He was declared himself as having resemblance to the Great Stone Face by the poet.


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Ernest loved the great stone face. He wished that the great stone face could speak as he thought that it looked very kindly and its voice must be pleasant. When his mother told him about the prophecy, he instantly believed in it and hoped to stay alive until he sees the man whose face resembled the great stone face. Ernest never forgot about the prophecy. When he was a child, he lived in the log-cottage where he was born. He was a very helpful and dutiful child. He assisted his mother in many ways and he had a loving heart. When he grew up, he became a mild, quiet, and unobtrusive boy. His skin was sun-browned with labour in fields. Ernest had no teacher but he was more intelligent than other lads who went to famous schools. To him his teacher was the great stone face. After finishing his day’s work, he would sit and gaze at the great stone face for hours until he began to imagine that those vast features recognised him, and gave him a smile of kindness and encouragement. Even after Ernest turned into a young man, he still loved gazing and meditating upon the great stone face. He was very industrious, kind, and simple. Besides, he always helped his neighbours. He was unaware that his thoughts and affections were of a higher tone than any other men in the valley. He kept waiting to see the man who resembled the great stone face. Ernest grew more wise and humble as he became old and this made him popular. People came for discussions with him from far off places and they started to call him a prophet. The people of the valley also started to believe that Ernest himself was the likeness of the great stone face. But Ernest still kept hoping that a wiser and better man than himself would appear one day bearing resemblance to the great stone face.
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