character sketch of Harry Goldberg?

Helmuth Silberberg or Hello was referred to as Harry Goldberg in the book. Harry was a nice boy and Anne’s friend Wilma’s second cousin at whose house she had met him. He was sixteen years old, shy by nature and good at telling funny stories. Harry and Anne got to know each other really well, walking to school together.

He was from Gelsenkirchen and lived with his grandparents while his parents were in Belgium. He used to have a girlfriend named Ursula who was uninteresting to him and started seeing Anne. However, his grandmother objected to Harry's friendship with Anne because she considered her to be too young for her grandson and wanted him to go out with Ursula.

Harry became a secret member of the Zionists’ club without informing his grandparents because they were anti-zionists and who thought he had signed up for wood carving class.This would hardly leave him with time to spare for Anne but he made it a point to meet her as much as he could. Harry remained the boy Anne used to see until circumstances forced them to go their separate ways, with Anne going into hiding at the annex.

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