character sketch of Jackson and secretary of the examination board

Dear student 

Jackson was the senior prison officer on D Wing, and he and Evans had become warm enemies. Though he behaved as a tough war veteran very strict with Evans, buried somewhere was a tiny core of compassion. This Evans used to convince him to let him retain his bobble hat by saying that it was his lucky charm. Jackson managed to take away everything that might have helped Evans injure himself such as the razor and nail file, except his hat, which was a crucial item for his escape

The secretary is a good natured man. Even though he felt that the request to set up an exam for Evans was unusual, he was willing to give him a chance to write the exam. He is also a cautious person, since he dutifully checks to see whether Evans is dangerous or not. He has a sense of humour as he shares a joke with the governor about the excessive number of parsons at St. Mary Mags.


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