Character sketch of kisa Gautami-The Sermon at Benares

Dear student
Kisa Gotami is searching everywhere for someone who will be able to revive and bring back her dead child to life. But nobody can do such a miracle. Her grieve over the loss of her beloved child is so great that people begin to think she has lost her mind.

At the command of Buddha, she goes from house to house in search of a single mustard seed from any house where nobody has ever died. But it is impossible to find such a house. The poor woman returns empty handed. But she learns the precious lesson from the wise Buddha and her great grief is removed. Death and sorrow are universal and natural process. Real wisdom is to accept the inevitability of death and continue the journey of life.

Kisa Gotami most have been a very simple woman who loves her son very much like any other mother. In her great grieve she also lost her ability to think practically. Finally it is the wisdom of Buddha who brought her to her senses.


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