character sketch of kleiman alias koophuin.

Johannes Kleiman was given the pseudonym Mr Koophuis in Anne’s diary. Mr Koophuis had taken over the Opekta company and Mr Kugler, Gies & Co, from Anne’s father. He used to work in the big front office along with Miep and Bep. He was married and though his wife was aware of her husband assisting the Frank family, she was too sacred to come and meet them.

Mr Koophuis came to be known as their ‘merry sunshine’ in the annex, he was unfailingly cheerful and amazingly brave in spite of suffering from gastrointestinal haemorrhaging. He was terminally sick, unable to eat or work and in a lot of pain throughout the course of the Frank family’s stay in hiding. But he was a resourceful and intelligent man who managed to be of immense help in spite of his illness.

He was an excellent and reliable source of news, by Anne’s admission he took very good care of the families, disregarding the risk to his life and health. He would lend books to Margot and Peter and every other week get books that were written for girls of Anne’s age for her. He would keep up their morale by talking of other people in similar situations and spend time with them out of his busy schedule.

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