Character sketch of Miep Gies?

Miep Gies along with Bep Voskuiljl found Anne’s diaries strewn all over the floor after the eight people hiding in the annex had been arrested. She tucked away them away in the desk drawer and gave them unread to Anne’s father Otto Frank when it was clear that Anne would not survive the war.

Miep Gies was one of the two secretaries working in the building, she had been working for Anne's father's company since 1933 and in the process became a close friend of the family along with her husband Jan. She was the one of the main facilitators in the Frank family's life in hiding in the secret annex,becoming their link with the outside world and the taking care of the supplies for the family to subsist on.

Miep helped the family to the best of her capabilities, disregarding the fact that her own life could be in danger for assisting Jews at the time when they were being hunted for mass extermination.She actively participated in helping in the process, from their moving to the annex to their life in hiding. She would go grocery shopping with their food coupons, entertain the girls and bring them things that would alleviate their boredom. She would pay visits to the family along with her husband, giving them company.

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