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character sketch of miss sullivan from novel the story of my life

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Miss Sullivan is the teacher and constant companion of Helen. She successfully awakens Helens soul to light and freedom, and sets her spirit free. She is thy spiritual liberator, Whittier has said to Helen about Miss Sullivan.

On third of March, 1887, Miss Sullivan arrived at the house of the Kellers. From that day on, Helens life took a completely different turn: from darkness to light, from isolation to friendship. Miss Sullivan was an extremely patient and considerate teacher who never failed to understand Helens frustration and discontentment. She methodically taught Helen how to communicate using her fingers and then assisted her in her education through all the institutions that Helen attended.

Miss Sullivans method of teaching was very effective. She illustrated everything she taught using a poem or a story. Besides, she used to take Helen out-of-doors and teach her in the lap of nature. This way, not only did she help Helen learn lessons, but also developed the bond between Helen and the world she was deprived of. Helen dedicates her success in articulating speech sounds to Miss Sullivans genius, untiring perseverance and devotion.

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