Character sketch of Mr Kraler?

Victor Kugler was referred to as Mr Kraler in the novel. Mr Kraler had been instrumental in engineering the plan of their hiding and in return the occupants of the house would pit cherries, make jams and jellied for his business and their personal consumption. A reassuring presence in the office, he was extremely concerned about their safety and welfare and protective of the family.

Mr Kraler was caring and attentive, every Monday he would bring a copy of Cinema & Theatre for Anne, spend time with the family in spite of work pressure, bring little gifts for them and entertain them with his company. Not for a moment would he forget that the rights and freedom allowed to him were not available to the annex residents anymore and if there was risk to his life, the danger was greater for them.

He was extra cautious for their sake and had thorough knowledge of the building which proved to be crucial during their years in hiding. His top priority was the family’s safety. That was followed by expressing his love for the family by sometimes surprising them with birthday cakes, or supplying them with newspapers. He endeared himself to the family so much so that they celebrated his birthday with spiced cake in spite of wartime shortages.

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