Character sketch of Otto Frank?

Otto Frank was the only member of his immediate family to have survived the Holocaust, dying much later in 1980. Post his marriage to Edith Frank and the birth of their two daughters Margot and Anne, Otto Frank had immigrated to Holland in 1933 due to his Jewish descent and became the managing director of the Dutch Opekta Company.The Diary was published by him in the memory of his daughter.

Otto Frank had a remarkable presence of mind and fiercely protective instinct about his family, he was a reassuring and thoughtful figure in their lives. Anne portrayed her father affectionately in The Diary, referring to him as the ‘most adorable father’. Sheconsidered him to be the driving presence in her life but somehow he fell short of the ideal that she had envisaged for him. However, he took a genuine interest in his daughters’ lives and education, being an anchor of support for them and setting an example of being normal and optimistic even under the most extraordinary circumstances.

Otto Frank was a man of frugal means, always putting the needs of others before him. A levelheaded man, he exhibited considerable tact and patience in the secret annex taking tough decisions and being respectful towards everyone around him irrespective of their age.

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