Character sketch of Peter Wessel?

Peter Wessel’s real name was Peter Schiff. He remained the boy Anne was head over heels in love with. Anne often dreamt of him, the only certainty in her life being her enduring devotion to Peter which never flagged but strengthened with time and despite all adversities.

Anne was besotted with Peter. They were inseparable for an entire summer, walking hand in hand through the neighbourhood. At the end of the vacation, he went up to seventh grade in middle school while Anne was in sixth grade at grammar school. Peter was the ideal boy, tall, good-looking, slender with a serious, quiet and intelligent face. He had dark hair, beautiful brown eyes, ruddy cheeks and a nicely pointed nose. Anne was crazy about his smile which was boyish and mischievous.

But Peter moved away and started living with a much older boy who convinced him to stop seeing Anne as she was just a kid. So he started spending more time with people of his own age and Anne, unable to face this betrayal, kept clinging to him until she realized it was futile. He remained Anne’s unrequited love and even in the last few pages of diary, Anne mentions him as one of the most beautiful things to have happened to her.

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