character sketch of Watchman in the story face in the dark by Ruskin Bond

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1 Secondary School English 10 points Give the character sketch for the watchman in "A face in the dark" Ask for details Follow Report by Poorvigb 17.06.2019 Answers Me · Beginner Know the answer? Add it here! rahmam rahmam Expert Explanation: The story “A Face in the Dark” by Ruskin Bond is set in Simla, a town in Himachal Pradesh, India where an Anglo-Indian teacher Mr. Oliver teaches in a reputed English public school which is regarded as the “Eton of the East”. He is a bachelor and goes to the market some three miles away in the evening and returns back to school at night on a daily basis. He takes the short cut way through the pine forest. On the day of the story when he is returning late at night, the strong wind is making an eerie sound through the pine trees and the batteries of his torch is running down. Suddenly, he comes across a boy who is crying silently with his head hung down, sitting on a rock. Following a number of questions from the teacher, when the boy finally looks up, Mr. Oliver sees that the boy has no eyes, ears, nose or mouth on his face. “It was just a round smooth head – with a school cap on top of it!”
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