Character sketches of Natalya, Chubukov and Lomov.

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Stephan Chubukov was a land owner who had a daughter called Natalya. He was a very quarrelsome man but had a habit of speaking politely to everyone initially. He welcomes Lomov in a polite manner and is happy when he says he has come to propose to his daughter. Chubukov was a man to be carried away easily and so when Natalya and Lomov had an argument he too joined in and insulted Lomov. Chubukov is projected as a loving father but a greedy man who is looking for a good match for his daughter.  

Lomov was a thirty five year old unmarried man. He anxiously waited to get married because he had reached a critical age. He proposed a girl named Natalya in his neighbourhood. 
Lomov was a strange man. He went to propose Natalya but quarrelled over petty issues like the oxen meadows and pet dogs. He also abused Natalya and her father.

Natalya was a young girl of twenty five. She lived in the neighbourhood of Lomov and could do all the household work. She yearned for love and was quarrelsome by nature. She too quarrelled with Lomov over meadows and their pet dogs as to which one is a better breed. 


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